Some great free resources from Ralph Watson

Put Your Passion into Action

Discover how to tap into your inner powerhouse of self-motivation and discover what you are REALLY passionate about. Then learn how to take that powerhouse and channel it into everything you do, building tremendous relationships, unleashing your creative energy and driving forward towards achieving your goals. Put Your Passion into Action starting HERE and NOW!


The Wolf Pack Guide to Success

Have you ever wondered how those successful people do it? Well, so did Ralph Watson and he set out to find the answer. Ralph’s fascination for the wolf pack in the wild and his many years of working with teams and individuals in business have led him to produce this great guide to success, which includes the four key strategies that he discovered in both the wolf pack AND the most successful people in business – and in life.

Doing Business with NLP

Almost 20 years of experience in studying, researching, applying and teaching NLP has given Master Trainer Ralph Watson a wealth of insights into how to effectively and ethically apply NLP in just about every area of business – and life.

In this short guide, Ralph outlines many of the ways in which you can apply NLP to your everyday business practices in order to become:

  • A more effective communicator
  • A powerful and ethical negotiator
  • An inspiring leader
  • And much more

Twelve Keys to Employee Engagement

Ralph Watson has been working with high performing teams and managers on an international level for eighteen years and one of the most common issue he is often asked to address is how to gain commitment and engagement from staff at ALL levels.

In this short book, Ralph lists twelve keys that may be applied in just about any organisation, of any size, in order to kick-start that process.